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The Principal's Office

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The Principal's Office

Postby WhymyloveBB » Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:00 am

“But HE started it.”

I rubbed my brow in anger for a moment. The frustration was getting to me. I took a deep breath and put on my best calm-collected face, attempting to plow through this once again. “You cannot throw pencils across the room at your classmates. You could really hurt someone, okay?”

Jacob, a short, black haired child, hardly seemed to care. “HE THREW ONE AT ME!” He stuck his small arm out to point at Edward, the blonde boy standing to his left on the other side of my desk. I rubbed my brow again.

“No I didn’t!”

“You BOTH…” I raised my voice for the first time, but stopped myself mid-yell. I found an even keel in my mind, and continued. “…should go to the office…Principal Singleta…oh look. Look who’s here now,” I said, gesturing towards the doorway.

David Singletary stuck his head into my classroom with a curious expression, looking around. Spotting the two boys at my desk, he appeared to raise his strong angled eyebrows in understanding as he walked into the classroom and towards us. I noticed both the children flinch as he approached; Dave was an intimidating man to those who didn’t know his demeanor well enough.

“I’m sorry Miss Belleville! I’m sorry, I won’t do it again,” Jacob suddenly pleaded. Just as Edward was about to follow suit he was interrupted by a very stern voice.

“Boys…” He glanced up at me. His Green Eyes were tough and to a child in trouble, probably looked unrelenting. “What’s going on here Miss Belleville?”

“Well Principal Singletary, Jacob and Edward here seem to think it’s okay to throw pencils at each other across my classroom. I’ve been trying to tell them that it’s not okay, but, I don’t think they’ve understood me so far.” I already knew where this was going, but I went through the motions as usual.

Dave gave me a knowing nod and look, before turning to the two troublemakers.

“I see Miss Belleville…well boys; I think you should take a walk with me to my office. We’ll discuss this further there.” The two boys bowed their head in a bit of embarrassment and slowly shuffled towards the door. Dave held a hand out to let them lead the way, and turned to me before leaving. “I had uh, come down here to ask if you could come see me after class today too? If you have time, it’s nothing major.”

I nodded a bit dismissively. “Oh yeah, sure, no problem.” He smiled and nodded again, before proceeding towards the door. As I processed what he had said, I began to think harder about it. Why did he need me to come see him? There wasn’t any reason I could think of that would warrant that. As I thought I watched him walk to the door; he wore a pair of dark blue slacks that neatly hugged his shaped trunk. Above that he wore a white dress shirt which was just a tad snug over his strong, if not overly muscular, back and upper body. I shook my head to shake the thoughts away and tried to refocus on the class; now wasn’t the time to let those feelings creep back in, those were fantasies for home, and not the work place.

*** *** ***

“Have a good day Miss Belleville!”

“Thank you Katie, you too,” I replied, with a tone of release, trying to rid all the stress I had built up throughout the day. She was the last of the kids I had to see onto the bus, and I stood at the curb until the bus began to pull away. I waived at the scattering of hands I saw waiving back from the yellow bus, before turning back towards the doors. I walked back into the building and made small talk with other teachers who had been outside with me, before everyone peeled off towards their own classrooms.

Just as I walked through the doorway I remembered that I was supposed to meet Dave in his office. My pulse quickened instantly, and I drew a long breath into my lungs. My mind was flooded with cloudy fantasies; things I only thought about at home when alone. I turned and began slowly strolling towards his office, my mind focused on the impossible situations my libido had construed in my mind; his hands moving across my body, his lips finding their way to mine…as I drew nearer to the doorway with his name written across it, I felt the familiar heavy tingling spreading across my body.

“Come on…” I said aloud to the empty hallway. I smoothed my skirt downward and collected myself. I couldn’t let him have any indication of this. It was silly to let my mind run so freely, after all he could only be calling me in about something serious. I’d unfortunately never picked up on any return of feelings from him and wasn’t expecting that to change now. I looked down at the polished door handle leading into his office, but just as I was about to reach out to turn it, it suddenly turned itself and the door swung open.

I jumped back in surprise but was relieved to see Mrs. Granville, his secretary, coming out of the office with her purse and coat. My heart had jumped into my throat and it beat uncontrollably.

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry dear. He’s expecting you, I’m just heading out.” Granville flashed a warm smile and passed by me quickly, as if she was in a hurry. I placed a hand over my heart and felt it racing out of control; I was tenser about this meeting than I had even realized. I stood in the doorway and tried to breathe deeply, to calm my heart. After a few moments I proceeded forward into the office.

Around the corner I immediately spotted Dave at his desk, signing off on some papers that were left for his signature. The first thing I noted mentally was his forearm muscles exposed from underneath his shirt. He had rolled his sleeves up since I had seen him last. I tried futilely to shake the thoughts from my mind once more before he spoke.

“Oh hey Jen, have a seat,” he started, “just a second.”

“No problem, take your time.” I walked to the front of desk and smoothed my skirt out as I took a seat and waited for him to finish. It suddenly felt extremely awkward to sit in front of the principal’s desk, awaiting his word like this. I felt like a child waiting for some type of punishment. Before I could stress further on that subject I mercifully watched him drop his pen and complete his work.

“Okay…sorry about that.” He looked up from his plush office seat and locked his blue eyes on mine. He had a slight shade of stubble beginning to form across his face that I noticed, and his hair was a bit messy from a day’s worth of work. I felt the urge to look away but fought it off, attempting to remain professional. “So how are you doing? How’s the class?” he asked.

“Oh. Well…it’s stressful at times, but I love it just as much as I always have.” I paused and thought a moment. “It’s been a bit extra stressful this year, but I…I love the kids. So I…I manage.”

“Well that’s why I called you in here,” he said, rising from his seat. I crossed my legs instinctively and felt a crawling heat spread further out and intensify between my thighs. His towering height wasn’t lost on me, as he stepped around the desk and behind my chair. “I’ve noticed how tense you’ve been, and I just wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help you out? Anything in the classroom I could help out or…do or…?” his voice trailed off and I heard the door to the office ‘click’ as it closed shut.

“Um I…” I struggled to get out the right words. I pressed my thighs together tighter and tried to control my mind, repressing any words that might slip out. “I just…you helping with the discipline like today that was great…sometimes they just won’t listen.” A silence was all that followed my statement. He was still behind me. I got nervous and continued, “But you I mean…you straightened out Jacob and Edward today so quickly. When they came back to class they were so well behaved…”

Before I could hear him I felt his hand on my shoulder. I lost my breath as if I had been punched in the stomach, but stayed still, almost afraid to move. I became hyper aware in that second of the entire room spinning around me; the bare white walls, his large oak desk before me, and his strong, warm hand resting on my right shoulder. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I just…was wondering more about you…” he said. He lightly brushed his fingertips downward, until his skin made contact with my own below the sleeve of my top. I shuddered.

“I…I….I don…” I stuttered out. Between my legs I swelled further and throbbed harder in need for his touch not just on my arm, but everywhere. I kept my head and eyes pointed forward, but felt him lean in to my ear.

“Do you want me to stop?” he whispered. “I won’t go do a thing if you want to stop…” As he whispered those words he circled the skin of my forearm with his fingertips. It was hardly a fair action if he really wanted to give me a chance to deny him.

“n…no…” I whispered breathlessly. Seemingly as soon as the answer left my throat he flicked at my ear with his tongue and pinched it between his lips. His hand left my arm but suddenly reappeared at my waist, where he lifted me from the chair and stood me on my heels, back still turned to him. For the first time I turned my head and caught a glimpse of his blue eyes, squarely fixed in lust, as he leaned in and kissed along the back of my neck. I arched my head back and ran my hand through his short cropped hair, pulling him in, guiding him to the most sensitive points of contact. His hands roamed over the front of my skirt and pressed inward, attempting to find my growing heat.

“You’re beautiful…” he whispered, as he pressed his strong body into mine. I could feel a hardening bulge pinched between our bodies, pressed into my back. I breathlessly gasped out again and could feel myself growing wetter yet underneath my skirt and panties. He ran one hand up my body, trailing a line between my breasts, over my neck and to my face. My head was turned towards his gently and his lips passionately locked together with mine.

His other hand pressed harder between my legs and rubbed along my ever more aching slit. He swallowed every gasp and moan that escaped me as he rubbed harder and more aggressively with his powerful hand. I could tell he was making me soak through skirt, and my legs were growing so weak I was afraid I’d collapse in front of him.

“Just a moment…” he suddenly said, breaking our embrace. I watched him in a state of near trembling as he moved in front of me and cleared his desk of all sorts of papers, folders, and binders. It wasn’t a dramatic clearing; but he simply shoved it all off the other side as if they didn’t matter at all. As he turned back to face me the devouring look in his eyes made me think at this moment, they really didn’t mean anything to him.

He tore my skirt and panties off, ripping them down my body before I could process a thought. Before I could step out of them he simply tore them apart and threw them to the side with a near growl; I suppose I’d worry about that later. He ran his hands up my shaking legs slowly, seeming to cherish every inch of smooth skin, every bit of my body. As he reached my hips he lifted me as if I were a feather and placed me on the cool wooden surface, scooting my now fully engorged sex to the edge of the desk.

Even in this wild display, where he was losing all the control I had ever seen him exhibit before, he stopped himself in front of me once more. “Are you sure…?”

“Definitely…” I squeaked. With a smile he kissed me once more, before leaning down between my legs. He moaned at the sight of what he was doing to me, and didn’t waste a second before he sucked my clit directly into his mouth. I howled uncontrollably, arched my back, grabbed his head by his hair, and shoved him in as hard as I could between my legs. He sucked with his hungry lips, and licked with his electric tongue in dizzying circles. He then bit me, the pain registering as nothing but pleasure. I writhed underneath him, my orgasm approaching fast and engulfing me suddenly. I convulsed underneath him, and tried to shove him off as the sensations became nearly overwhelming. He ignored the clawing of my hands and grabbed me by my hips fiercely, and holding me tight with his flexing muscles.

“Oh…ohh god…ohhh…” I screamed out. He pinned my hips to the desk and sucked my clit throughout my orgasm, not stopping or slowing until I began to come down slowly.
I looked down at him, gasping for breath and I saw him looking back at me with a raw lust in his eyes; need and want, all focused on me. He kissed his way up my torso gently, until his face hovered over mine. He kissed the tip of my nose. I couldn't take it anymore. Taking initiative for the first time, I grabbed his head and kissed him, ferociously, his face covered with my juices.

While I kissed him I heard him fumbling with his belt, pulling his pants down just enough to release his erection. He broke the kiss and I watched him grasp his cock in his hand, hard and throbbing. He guided it forward and I could feel my pussy swell with each heartbeat, with every inch he grew closer.

“Mm…fuck…” he growled as suddenly he pistoned his hips forward and buried his hardness in between velvetly soft lips. I gasped out and dug my fingers into his broad shoulders, wrapping my legs around his waist, trying to pull him further inside me. He stared into my eyes and kissed me slowly, deeply, in contrast to his initial quick and jabbing thrusts. He slowed to meet the pace of our kiss and I savored every feeling of friction between us as he slid inside me over and over. I closed my eyes and held my breath as he pulled almost all the way out of me, until his pulsating bulbous head stretched my swollen lips further apart, before he pushed forward and into me again.

He ran his hand down the center of my chest, pulling my shirt open roughly. He grabbed and caressed at my breasts, pinching my nipples tightly. I gasped out nonsense words, over and over, feeling the wave of another orgasm building. He pressed his large hands down over my belly, and over my pubic mound. Dipping his thumb between my spread lips, he began to massage my clit as he pumped his trunk like hips forward faster. With his other hand he guided my lips towards his where he bit onto my bottom lip roughly, causing more pleasurable pain to flood my senses. As he rubbed my clit harder I could feel my orgasm building quicker. I ground my hips forward against him frantically, breathing hard, desperate to feel him as deep inside me as possible.

“D…Da…ohhh goddd…” I yelled. I came with a loud moan, spasming in his arms as he continued to pump through the convulsions of my muscles clamping down on him. Flashes of heat seemed visible in front of my eyes as the waves of pleasure overwhelmed me. The added tightness inside me affected him, and with one final driving thrust he filled me, his body stiffening and his cock throbbing deep inside. I squeezed him with all control I had left, milking him for every drop he had. My arms slipped out from around him and he set my head back on the desk gently. We sat in a collected heap for minutes before he spoke.

“Do you…do you think I could take a beautiful girl home after something like that? You could…shower…or…”

I laughed. “I don’t think we’re going to shower when we get there. But you can definitely take me home.” He chuckled and kissed me once again as I wondered what was waiting for me at the principal’s house.

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Re: The Principal's Office

Postby bbxx » Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:18 am

Good story, thank you. :evil: :lol:

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